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22 Songs #EXO 00128290-DEFA

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Year Released: 2015



Side A:

  1. Pimps and Hookers
  2. All of Me
  3. We Threw the Gasoline on the Fire and Now We Have Stumps For Arms and No Eyebrows
  4. Drugs Are Good
  5. Lower
  6. Forming
  7. Electricity
  8. Lazy
  9. The Plan
  10. Timmy the Turtle
  11. Punk Song

Side B:

  1. See Her Pee
  2. Zyclone B Bathouse
  3. Last Caress
  4. Bath of Least Resistance
  5. We Ain't Shit
  6. San Francisco Fat
  7. Vincent
  8. Pump of the Valium
  9. Pods and Gods
  10. Eat the Meek (Dub Mix)


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